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How My Summer Went Up in Flames - Jennifer Salvato Doktorski This was truly a fun book to read. I absolutely loved it. This was the author's debut novel and it makes me want to read more from her in the future. I love road trips. There is something special about them. My most memorable vacations were all road trips. I loved how Spencer planned the trip with such detail (and multiple itinerary printouts).Rosie Catalano is heartbroken. Her boyfriend cheats on her while she is away with her family and starts dating the other girl. I can't blame Rosie for losing her mind a little. Who hasn't had their heart broken and wanted to burn their exes stuff? While devastated she is forced to go on this road trip with her neighbour and his two geeky friends. Rosie was a great character. She is someone you would actually want to be friends with. She is impulsive, passionate, and quirky. Being on a long road trip with three teenage guys cannot be easy, but Rosie bonds with each of them in different ways. I loved how she had her mother put the phone next to her dog so she could talk to him. I felt like each guy was in love with Rosie, even Spencer. Logan was not easy to like when he was first introduced. He seemed bossy and egocentrically. But slowly he began to relax during the trip and became lovable. But, by far Spencer was my favourite. He was such an adorable friend to Rosie. He supported her when she and Matty fought and tried to be the peacekeeper between them at times.Throughout the whole book I couldn't decide who she was going to end up with. Yes, I knew who I wanted her to, but couldn't figure out which way the author was going to end it.