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Gravity - Melissa West Going into Gravity I didn't have high expectations. For some reason I had the mindset that it was just going to be another mediocre science fiction book, but was I wrong. I absolutely loved it! I love books about aliens, mostly because I don't read them often enough, so they aren't overdone in my opinion. I adored everything from the characters to the plot.The synopsis did not do this book justice. There is so much more to it than the brief summary of Ari and Jackson. Earth was on the brink of extinction many, many years ago. Thanks to World War IV a full blown nuclear war left Earth with nothing but rubble and smoke. The Ancients showed up wanting to live peacefully in co-existence, but didn't have the antibodies to survive on our planet. Humans and Ancients came to an agreement that the aliens would take antibodies from the humans at night in trade for their assistance. The Ancients then helped terraform the planet back (or closer) to what the planet looked like before the war. The leaders of Earth eventually created the Trinity to cease warring governments and avoid a fifth world war.Ari's father is the commander of the North American region, and as his daughter she will be the next commander. Each region's leaders are carried out through bloodlines, which ceased the Australian region after their leader could not sire a heir. A lot of the book takes place at Ari's school where she is friends with the next generation of leaders. This could have been easily clich├ęd, but each character had their own voice, and added to the storyline. Melissa West created a fantastic and interesting world as a background to the story. While it seemed like there was a lot of back story it didn't take a long time to get through it.I really loved Ari's character. She was strong and could kick serious butt. She has been training since she was a small child. Her father, the commander, was tough