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The Star Dwellers - David Estes The Moon Dwellers was an amazing book and The Star Dwellers is equally (maybe even more) amazing than the first book. It's jammed packed with intrigue, adventure, and action. I have so many more questions about their past after finishing this book.The Star Dwellers picks up with Adele and Tawni sneaking through the tunnels to get to the Star Realm and Tristan is with Roc, Elsey, and Adele's father in the Moon Realm. Most of the book is split between the two storylines, I loved them both equally. Each had their own struggles and missions to complete.I liked how in this book the love at first sight wasn't so much love, but Adele and Tristan were crushing on each other. They both realized they just met and didn't know where each of them stood. I found this to be a bit more realistic than in most YA where it's insta-love and the couple can't live without each other after five minutes.All the characters are so driven and completely devoted to the Resistance movement. Ben, Adele's father, was a great mentor and friend to Tristan. He really needed a nurturing father figure in his life and Ben filled that void for him. Elsey's character could have been so easily annoying, but I adored how she talked and saw the world. She was just this bundle of happiness in the middle of a war.I loved how the author included a little history of before humans lived underground. The young girl's diary had me in tears. She was one of the lucky chosen ones to live underground before the earth was decimated by an asteroid. You could feel how frightened and young she was and how everything was falling apart prior to the asteroid.Adele's family is finally reunited in this book and that moment was worth the wait. Adele's family is so close and as you are reading you could tell how much they care and love each other.By the end of the book so many of the characters have anger building in them and I hope they are able to deal with it. Their next mission will be crucial to winning the war against the Sun Dwellers and hopefully they can control and deal with their misfortunes that happened in the book.