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Faking It  - Cora Carmack I really enjoyed Cora Carmack's first book Losing It and couldn't wait to read the next book. Faking It was even better! I liked Max and Cade so much more than Bliss and Garrick. Their relationship was fun and they challenged each other.Cade got his heartbroken by Bliss in Losing It. I felt so bad for him in the last book. He just seemed like a heartbroken puppy. Faking It picks up a few months since Bliss told him she doesn't reciprocate his feelings and he isn't handling it too well. Max's current flame, Mace, is the drummer in her band and he obvious isn't the meeting the parents type, so she gets Cade to pretend to be in love with her.Max's parents are very controlling and have high expectations. They are very conservative and try to bully Max into doing what they think is best, which of course is the opposite of what Max wants or needs. Max had a long journey to come to terms with the fact that she can't be who her parents except and for her to confront them about it. But Cade pushes and encourages Max to be true to herself and talk to her parents about it.I think why their relationship worked is because even though it was fake, they developed a strong friendship. They each pushed each other to be better. They may seem like complete opposites, but they really did complement each other. The ending was much better in this book as it was more realistic. Losing It ended almost with a too perfect happily ever after. Where Faking It does have a happy ending, but its perfect because it's real.