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Tamed - Douglas R.   Brown A werewolf as a pet? Yes. You can even trust them with your children. They are docile and loyal to their masters. One werepet will set you back $250,00 plus an additional $50,000 yearly maintenance fee. I loved the premise of this book as it definitely was a different spin from the normal werewolf book. Usually I'm not a fan of werewolf or paranormal fiction, but this one was different and overall I really like it.If you are looking for a light, but action filled book then this is the one for you. I'll be honest the first half the book was pretty slow to get through, but once the plot was thickening and the twist on the werewolves started to show I gobbled it up. The book is definitely more action then world building or character development, but it was still an enjoyable read.I liked the character of Christine. She wasn't whiny, but just your average woman trying to respond to a medic alert. The romance was a little forced and with a little expansion in the book it could have come across as more natural. It just seemed a little sudden for her to met the guy and fall in love within a span of a few hours.I didn't see the surprise at the end coming with the Steven character and did wonder how he was going to tie into everything in the book. But it was a happy surprise!