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After The Ending - Lindsey Pogue, Lindsey Fairleigh Overall, I liked this book. It had a good concept and somewhat likeable characters. I thought Dani and Zoe each had a distinctive voice in the narrative, which sometimes with multi POVs they end up sounding the same. I liked how Dani and Zoe wrote emails to each other for most of the book. I did find it unlikely that the power would be down, but the internet would still be up? But this is fiction and sometimes requires a little imagination. The emails were where I felt the most emotion from Dani. For example, when Cam died it just felt like bad acting on Dani's part. She said all the right stuff, but I didn't feel anything for her until she wrote to Zoe and told her about Cam dying.When you actually think about the concept that 90% of the population is dead it is just saddening. Everyone who has survived has lost multiple loved ones. There were no children in the book, because the young didn't have the antibodies to survive. One of the survivors lost her kids and husband. You can see why none of the survivors wanted to talk about the "Before."The Crazies were psychotic. You could tell there was something wrong with them even before they did something. They were creepy and unstable. But what kept urging me on reading was what they did. Each Crazy was unique and reacted to the situation differently. Dani's ability was awesome! I didn't know how I was going to feel about the Abilities spin to this book. It definitely was different, but I think I really liked it. When she was attacked it was amazing how the animals circled around her to protect her. She really was like a Disney Princess. Even though both women were separated for the majority of the book they overcame similar hurdles and both found a relationship. I liked how Zoe's relationship slowly developed. It wasn't just love/lust at first sight. Dani's relationship seemed sudden as she did lose her boyfriend, and she didn't seem to grieve that much, but that could be thanks to Chris' ability.I thought the ending was great and I can't wait until the second book is out.