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True - Erin McCarthy This was the first Erin McCarthy book I have read. I have a few of her paranormal chick-lit books on my TBR list, but haven't had the chance to read them. This book was overall pretty solid. Going into the book I had mediocre expectations. I've read a few New Adult books recently with similar plot lines...girl in college confesses to her friends/roommates that she is a virgin, she meets a bad boy from the wrong side of town, and subsequently falls for him even though he doesn't think he is good enough for her. Even with the overdone plot line I was pretty satisfied with the book.The book opens with Rory hanging with friends after a night of drinking. While her friends are hooking up she is stuck with Grant in the living room. Grant being the asshole he is tries to attack her. She is rescued by Tyler who may have a hero complex. Her roommates then offer to pay Tyler to sleep with her. Rory figures this out pretty quickly, but she doesn't call her roommates or Tyler out on it. I did enjoy Rory's character, but had to question her actions at times throughout the book. When she ran into Grant again she was way too nice. Why would you let someone like that into the apartment? I get it wasn't her apartment, but I would have told him to get lost (maybe with a little more graphic wording). I did enjoy that she just didn't blow off her friends because she finally found someone. She made a point to still hang out with them and make time for them.I was very excited to see that Erin McCarthy's next book will star Jessica and Riley. I loved their dynamic at the end of the novel and can't wait for the release.