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Pushing the Limits  - Katie McGarry I recently read the second book in this series, Dare You To, and honestly I liked the second book better. Beth was a much more interesting character in the second book compared to Echo. I didn't have either negative or positive feelings towards this book. At times I was just a little bored and skimmed parts.Noah Hutchins, is your typical bad boy. Bad attitude, bad grades, messy family life, etc., but when Echo Emerson starts to tutor him, he starts to change. His grades improve, attitude gets better, etc. Echo became an outcast of her friends after her "accident." Pretty much all of her friends eventually abandoned her, except for Lila. Lila was her only friend that I could actually tolerate in the book. Grace and Luke were both terrible friends and once Echo decided she could confront her scars and wear short sleeves in public, they both abandoned her again.You can tell when reading this book that both characters honestly do care for each other, but both have crazy stuff going on in their lives. This might have been why the book was depressing at times. Even though Echo's secret was tragic, I found Noah and his brothers the more compelling story in the book. Echo's lack of memory did provide a unique spin to the good girl vs. bad boy storyline.