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A Moment  - Marie Hall This would have been a much better book if it was properly edited. The lack of editing was very distracting and sloppy. There were mixed up words, it would switch from Lili to Lily throughout the novel, and in parts of the book it referred to the character by name even though it was in first person. I think if it was a little more polished this could have been a four star book. I almost dropped it down to two stars because of the editing (or lack thereof).At fourteen Liliana found herself pregnant. Seven years later she is raising her child, Javier, by herself with the support of her mother. Javier has been diagnosed with autism and her mother with MS. Her father left years ago not able to deal with all of it, so she is left to support her family while trying to finish college.I didn't have good or bad feelings about Lily, mostly because Ryan really stole the spotlight. He was intense, deeply wounded, and his secrets are brutal. Ryan's run in with his father at the grocery store left me speechless. I couldn't believe what his father said to him. I did feel the ending was a bit rushed and the author tried to sum up the ending in a one page "moments" from Lilianna. I would have liked the ending a bit more flushed out, but as this is a series I guess the next book will tell more.