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Requiem  - Lauren Oliver I found the final novel in the Delirium series to start off quite slow. Lena’s friends are on the move and the rebellion is happening. Even though the novel was slow, it was building and building until the final climax of the ending. New characters are brought it. Some I loved. Some I didn't.The novel was split between Lena and Hana. Usually I’m not a fan of split points of view as I prefer only the main character's point. I think this might have led to why I didn’t love the final book. As soon as it got mildly interesting it switched POVs and then you had to wait several chapters again before anything happened, which had me skimming some parts.Most of the time I was screaming in my head WHY AREN’T YOU WITH ALEX??? Why? Why? Why? Just stop going off with Julian! Enough already! Which is why I did not like Coral at the beginning of the novel.The novel had a very sombre tone to it and Lena annoyed me at times. They are at war and she was more concerned about her love life than fighting for her freedom. I was so happy when Raven basically told her to shut up and deal with it because this is war."This—what’s happening now—is the only thing that matters. It’s not a game. It’s not a joke. This is war. It’s bigger than you or me. It’s bigger than all of us combined. We don’t matter anymore."