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Losing It - Cora Carmack Somehow after reading Jessica Sorensen’s The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden I have been sucked into the world of New Adult books. I just can’t stop reading them. They don’t have a lot of substance for me, but they are just such an entertaining, light, and fluffy read. I’m more of a sci-fi girl, but I guess there will also be a soft spot for chick-lit like books. I did really enjoy this book. There were parts where I would burst out laughing. I loved how the main character, Bliss, was quirky and very relatable. I couldn’t stop laughing at the beginning of the book when she is with Garrick, freaks out, and tells him that she has to pick up her (non-existent) cat at the 24 hour vet and books it out of her own apartment.The main love interest, Garrick, was completely swoon-worthy. He was charming, sexy, caring…everything you would want in a guy. But he did have his not so great moments. I didn’t like how he came across as jealous and overprotective of Bliss at times.While I liked how the author wraps everything up nicely at the end, I felt it ended almost too abruptly. But the next book, Faking It, is out in June, and it centres around Cade!!