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This World We Live In (Last Survivors, #3) - Susan Beth Pfeffer I had really high hopes for this book after the last sequel in this series. I was quite disappointed in the second book as I really enjoyed the first book, Life As We Knew It. This book was slightly better than the second, but overall it was still a bit of a mess.I found Miranda to be extremely whiny and selfish throughout the entire novel. When it finally rained she decides to enjoy it peacefully without waking her family. This could have been disastrous if the snow finally did melt and they had a drought. What if the family ran out of drinking water and they could have captured the rainfall to survive?I didn’t feel that Miranda and Alex had any chemistry. I think they only felt romantic towards each other as they were similar and age and not related to each in the vicinity. I just didn’t buy the lovey doveyness that was portrayed.I loved that the family was reunited. The characters had to make some hard decisions by the end of the book. The ending itself didn’t surprise me as this series is about surviving. Things are not going to ever be normal for these characters again and the decisions are going to affect the rest of their lives.Even though the end of this series has disappointed I still love the concept of the book, where a meteor smacks into the moon forever changing Earth. I will still read the fourth book the author is releasing this summer.