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Yesterday's Gone: Episode 1 - David  W. Wright, Sean Platt Yesterday's Gone focuses on a select few survivors. A reporter who wakes up without his wife and son, a creepy serial killer, a mother with a young daughter, a bullied teen and his drunken step-father, a fugitive who survives a plane crash, and a young boy who is alone and looking for his family.Before the book begins the author explains how when he was young he enjoyed watching a television serial, which consisted of 20 minutes. Each episode would bring a new exciting story. Thus what begins as their first attempt at serialized fiction.I thought there was a wide variety of characters, and enjoyed going from character to character. I hope in the next few episodes these characters will cross paths as oppose to having several separate plots. There is always the risk of too many characters. Sometimes in order for each of them to have an individual voice they end up becoming caricatures of themselves, which this book may have veered to at times, but overall it wasn't too corny or contrived. I am interested in reading more episodes mostly because I want to know what is going on and who is watching them!