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Ashfall (Ashfall Series #1) - Mike Mullin Ashfall is about a teenage boy who is home alone for a weekend when a supervolcano erupts in Yellowstone Park and sends most the United States into chaos. He then makes the decision to go out on his own to find his family. While only a two hour car ride away becomes a months long journey of scavenging food, finding shelter, and surviving the fallout of the volcano eruption.I mostly enjoyed this novel because of the dark grim feel throughout the novel and I do love a good disaster novel. The first bit of the book was quite fast paced, but as Alex begins his journey to Illinois the pace slows down.I liked that everything didn't just fall neatly into place at the end of the novel. Alex's parents are missing and as much as he wants to go back to Iowa to find them, he must stay and help his family prepare and survive the winter. I felt it was quite realistic and showed how society could react to such an event. You might have people out for themselves, but there will be those ones who will help those in need.The characters were well written. Alex changes so much throughout the novel, and by the end of the novel he is truly an adult. Darla and Alex seem very well suited and complement each other. I enjoyed how they didn't trust each other, especially given the circumstances, but learned to rely on each other, which eventually developed into a relationship.