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The Crucible (Part 1) - Ruby Barnes The book starts out in Cameroon, Africa. I found the prologue to be a bit confusing. While reading this book I was often mixing up the characters as they are numerous and sometimes were only introduced briefly for one chapter. In someways the chapters we almost as individual stories that appeared to have nothing to do with the plot, only to be weaved together later.The main problem I had with this book was there was simply too many characters and the settings jumped randomly around the world, from Uganda to Ireland to France, etc. At the half way point in the book I still did not have any connection to any of the characters, and I think this was mostly due to the multiple characters, which made it that the main characters had little time to develop.This book was really not my style. Maybe, if I enjoyed thrillers or suspense more I would have liked it more.Note, I received this book for free in exchange for a review.