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Ultraviolet  - R.J. Anderson I read this book awhile back and really enjoyed it. The first 3/4 quarters of the book were great. The last quarter however was unexpected.The book begins with a young girl, Allison, in a psychiatric facility with no memory of her time there. She remembers what happened to her prior to arriving, but can't remember the weeks she spent in the facility. Allison thinks she has killed the most popular girl in school, and has confessed to the murder. As she is transitioned into a secure facility she meets Dr. Sebastian Faraday who helps her understand that she has a neurological phenomenon, called Synesthesia.The last quarter of the book threw me. While I enjoyed it the book as a whole I felt that the "twist" didn't belong. I won't say anything about the ending, so I don't ruin it for anyone. I feel the author did a great job of telling how Allison felt lonely and isolated from the rest of the teens around her. Overall, the book is well written and I enjoyed the storyline.