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Resist picks up where Breathe left off. Bea and Quinn are separated from the Resistance and the rest are slowly making their way to Sequoia, a second rebel stronghold. The story is told from four perspectives this time, Alina, Bea, Quinn, and Ronan. I think this may be too many characters for a lot of people, but I enjoyed each one of them. They all added to the story and each character’s path was imperative to the outcome they all dream about.


Bea and Quinn are apart for most of the book. Neither wants to leave the other, but they know they must split up to support the Resistance. Somehow Quinn became stronger throughout his journey and was willing to step up and lead. This could have a lot to do with his relationship with Bea. He wants to prove he is worthy of her and somehow tries to proves it.


“What does that girl do to people? Bea Whitcraft turns boys into men.”

Jude Caffrey


There are a lot of new characters added to this book. My favourite was Ronan, the son of the previous pod minister. Ronan took part in the slaughter of The Grove. After he returns to the pod he starts to see his world differently. Before he was sent out of the pod Ronan didn’t understand what it was like for the lives of Auxiliaries. He took everything for granted and believed in the lies that the Ministry fed everyone. He truly believed the Resistance were terrorists wanting to destroy the pod, but after the massacre he changes and it doesn’t take a lot for this to happen. Then shortly, after meeting Bea he starts to have feelings for her and like Quinn he wants to prove his worthiness.


“She’s pretty and smart and brave and kind, but Jude’s right—she doesn’t look at me with eager eyes. Maybe that’s why I’ve never let myself be drawn to her. I know it would be hopeless, and hopeless is not the love I want.”



Alina was by far my favourite in this book. She outshone the rest. She was tough and determined. You could see glimpses of her vulnerable side at times, which only made you want to cheer for her more.


“We have no food, our air is low, and we have one gun between us, I’m not sure we’re in a position to be saving anyone.”


The last half of the book is filled with action and once I got to this point I finished it in an afternoon. I really enjoyed how Sarah Crossan ended the series. It makes you want to see the hope that they have to continue to survive.


Overall, Resist was a pretty refreshing change to YA series. The sequel is also the concluding book in this series. I liked how there are only two books and not a trilogy as it told the story in the perfect amount of novels instead of filling space with nonsense. Resist was a much stronger book than Breathe. A lot of the issues I had with Breathe were resolved in this book. Bea, Alina, and Quinn are all stronger characters and I was not annoyed once by any of them.