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The Forever of Ella and Micha  - Jessica Sorensen The Forever of Ella and Micha picks up with Ella back in college and Micha on the road with his band. They are both struggling with being apart. Ella is worried that she can't see a future with Micha. She wants to enjoy the present, but when she thinks about what's next she can't envision anything.I liked this book better than the first, which is unusual for me because I find books slowly deteriorate in quality as a series progresses. The Forever of Ella and Micha is intense and emotional. Ella's journey is honest and took a lot of courage for her to get the help she needed. She still feels guilty over her mother's death and has problems from how her family treated her as she grew up. She keeps on holding everything inside until she eventually cracks and has a nervous breakdown. "I want him to hate me, just as much as I hate myself. That way I can't bring him down with me."Ella thinks she is protecting Micha by lashing out at him. She's in a dark place and does contemplate taking her own life several times throughout the book. She thinks she will bring him down the dark path with her and he will turn into her father.Ella was more relatable in this book as she sorts through her problems. She is brave enough to get help and starts therapy. I was glad to see she was willing to put her mental health first and the relationship second. It showed that she really wanted a future with Micha.Ella was may have been broken, but Micha was always there for her. He was so sure of how he felt about her and never wavered. He knew that Ella needed time to heal and process everything.But, both Micha and Ella had their own secrets and problems. While Micha's secrets weren't as large as Ella's, he still held back from her. Both characters were so worried about hurting or burdening the other they just held everything to themselves, which ended up hurting each other and their relationship. Once they were able to be honest with each other they made amazing progress.I liked how you saw bits and pieces of Lila and Ethan and I will definitely be reading the next book.