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Dare You To  - Katie McGarry I really enjoyed this book. I haven't read the first book in this series, so I didn't really have a lot to connect with Noah and Isaiah. I liked how Beth slowly opened up to people in her new life. She was tough, but vulnerable at the same time. Even in the end she didn't lose herself and become someone fake. She was just a better version of herself.Beth did not have an easy life. Her mother is either strung out on drugs, drunk, or being beaten by her douche-bag boyfriend. Beth's mother is the opposite of what a good mother should be. What kind of mother would allow her teenage daughter to take the fall for her and be arrested? Or let her boyfriend beat up her daughter? A really shitty one. That's who. The only thing that frustrated me in this book was that Beth wouldn't let go of her mother. But she had to overcome that and the guilt she felt about her father leaving her mother. No matter how many times Beth found her mother drunk, she would help her home, clean her up, make sure she had food, and that her bills were paid.You could tell her Uncle Scott was really trying. He wasn't perfect, but he was working with what he had.Usually, I don't like split POVs, as I find they disrupt the flow of the book. In Dare You To the story is written in both Beth and Ryan's points of view. The author wrote the split very seamlessly and it almost added to the storytelling.As I stated I did enjoy this book, but I couldn't give it four stars. It was definitely a solid three star book.