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Breathe (Breathe #1) - Sarah Crossan When I began reading this book I thought here we go again with another typical ya dystopian book. The first third of the book was pretty unimpressive almost bordering on boring, but something happened half way through and I just got sucked into the book. By the end my mind was saying "I want more!" Humans now live in a pod after The Switch. The earth's population was in crisis and scientists decided it would be a good idea to plow down all the earth's forests and trees it make way for more farmland. While doing so they depleted the earth's oxygen, so people were dropping dead all over the place. The earth no longer habitable, humans now must live in pods, which are divided into three castes. The pod is supposed to protect them. There is no longer weather. No rain or snow, and always at an even perfect temperature. Only there are severe issues with the pod as the Premiums have everything while the Auxiliaries work their entire life to just get by. Everyone is monitored to make sure they don't move too quickly so they don't use up extra oxygen. Equality between Premiums and Auxiliaries does not exist. I really didn't like Bea at the start of the book. She just irritated me. She was jealous and whiny about how much pretties Alina was, and how Quinn won't notice her more than a friend. She did get better by the end of the novel, but she was really my favourite. I think that might have been the problem with me and this book. I just didn't love any of the characters. They were either okay or the irked me. And Quinn, I just don't think he was strong of enough for a leading guy. He seemed weak willed and bland.I will probably read the next book in the series and hopefully it will be a bit better.